Action against traitors

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Just a few days ago some anti national slogans were raised by the hostel students of G.G.M Science College in the name of Pakistan. Students reported the same to the university authority but they not at all listened to the students. The next day students gathered at the college gate and when they started raising the slogans of Bharat Mata ki Jai they were brutally lathi-charged by the police.


The authority was supposed to take action against traitors but they showed their power on the students who were taking the name of nation.


We won't let our colleges in Jammu to become the next JNU and AMU where these anti national groups can raise anti national slogans freely without any fear. 


We students won't let these peeps to go against our nation in our colleges. 

Every student from all the colleges of Jammu is rising a single voice:

Action Aginst those Traitors.

We want suspension of these anti national students from our colleges along with the suspension of pollice officer who gave the orders of lathi-charge on college students.

The Bar Council Jammu have also showed their support to the students. We need more support to get those traitors out of our colleges.

Bharat Mata ki Jai.