Irreplaceable 100 Year old trees in Ikoyi. Help Stop Destruction!

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Na our Gens go kill us o! Trees help us to filter Cancer-Causing Diesel Fumes from our air:

The alarming levels of air pollution in Lagos caused by generators (the highest prevalence of such machines in the world) is causing severe harm to your health even if you consider yourself young and healthy.  It is especially speeding the demise of our senior citizens. Disease caused by poor air quality is one of a few factors that contributes to our life expectancy being as low at 55 years, even lower than that in Ethiopia which stands at 66 and far cry from world leader in life expectancy, Hong Kong 85.

One factor that makes living in this part of this already difficult to thrive in city (Ikoyi) , is the presence of trees that help to keep the balance between fresh air and carcinogenic diesel fumes is the filtering action of these invaluable trees. They improve the oxygen balance by helping to remove these toxins from air and by producing oxygen through photosynthesis.

Fewer Trees, Earlier Graves for the 24million Nigerians with Hepatitis

It doesn't matter if you know your status or not, you might be one of the 12% of Nigerians who unknowingly have an impaired liver or the potential for one. There is an epidemic/ endemicity of liver disease in this country, the liver is an organ in the body that helps the body to filter toxins breathed in through the air we breath. Cut away all our trees and you can imagine what happens to this number of people,  24million, a number that would be equivalent to the 4th largest ethnic group in the entire country.

Also great for stress management:

Trees are also known scientifically to provide many other benefits including the stress relief for humans when they walk among them.

Several Other Non-Health Related Benefits exist

But I do hope this write up has encouraged you to take action.

Please send the governor and his generals a message, to please save us from early graves by stopping this unnecessary destruction of assets that are necessary for our well being. Help Halt the Destruction of The Irreplaceable Ikoyi Trees.

The following contact details are publicly available, so please consider giving them a call to register your petition in person.

Top Civil Servant Ministry of Works (The guy doing the direct damage): Aramide Adeyoye 08077761036

Top Civil Servant Ministry of Environment (The one who stood by and watched): Tunji Bello 08035272200

Gov Sanwoolu: The one with the ultimate power:

Chief of Staff : Loads of access to Oga!: 08022903706

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