Environmental Justice in NORTH CAROLINA

Environmental Justice in NORTH CAROLINA

July 1, 2020
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Governor Roy Cooper - North Carolina
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Why this petition matters

Started by Anderson Community Group

Is the Government of North Carolina prepared to issue a state permit for a pollutant industry into a predominately Black community, when 93% of the households are overburdened with series pre-existing health issues? In the middle of COVID-19 Pandemic?  In the middle of an imminent health crisis for Black Americans?

Tiny particles infiltrate our lungs, causing the heart and lung diseases that we know make COVID-19 more deadly. 

"There is consistent scientific evidence that particulate pollution is linked to early death due to lung disease, heart attacks, strokes, asthma and cancer. And having air pollution related heart and lung diseases increases the risk of dying from the novel coronavirus."  The very same pre-existing illnesses documented in 93% of the homes of the black community in Anderson, NC.  

Governor Cooper, will you allow the NCDEQ to continue to retain the outdated standard for particulate pollution, set nearly a decade ago, despite the fact that federal agencies research, data and studies demonstrates that this standard is inadequate to protect public health? 

We ask again, "Really North Carolina?"  Are you going to approve an Air Quality permit for a hazardous industry, in an already overburdened black community; in the middle of a life threatening, lung related health crisis for black North Carolinian's? 

STOP Pollutant Industry’s permit in low wealth, overburdened, predominately black communities until the SCIENCE can be done! COVID-19 is tried and true indisputable evidence that there is a Health Crisis for Black America. 

Can We Count On You Governor Cooper?  BEFORE THE ELECTION'S?

BEFORE ANOTHER PERMIT IS PASSED in the middle of a Black Health Crisis?

Let Governor Roy Cooper's legacy be "Black Lives do Matter in North Carolina!"  

Anderson Community Group, Caswell County, NC



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Signatures: 153Next Goal: 200
Support now

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