Revoke The Certification Of Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony

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We hold our law enforcement officers to a high standard Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony should be held to the same standard that he demands from those who serve under his command.

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony knowingly omitted or intentionally concealed vital information when applying for a law enforcement job with CSPD. 

Former CSPD Chief Duncan Foster stated that had he been presented with the fact that Gregory Tony was untruthful when filling out his FDLE background affidavit he would have never hired him, among those questions Have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime, Have you ever had a record sealed or expunged.Have you ever used drugs. To all of which he answered NO. Local media outlets recently reported that his responses were not truthful. 

we respectfully ask that you revoke Gregory Tony’s law enforcement certification pending a full FDLE investigation.

 Thank you! 
  We the undersigned: