Stop Human Trafficking of Seniors in Florida

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Teresa Kennedy
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My aunt, Dr. Lillie Sykes White, is the matriarch of our family but we can't see or speak with her even though she has said--on video--that she wants to see us. She is being treated like a modern-day slave through the manipulation of guardianship laws simply to exploit her $4 million estate. 

Aunt Lillie has been entrapped in an involuntary guardianship in Florida since 2012. On August 30, 2016, she was abducted by two court agents and has been in forced isolation away from her chosen loved ones for over 1261 days, almost four years. This team of predators subsequently voided her estate plan, sold the home she built for retirement and used at least $2 million of her hard-earned funds--all while keeping her in a locked down memory care facility even though she has mental capacity. She is being "willfully and unlawfully caged" which is an "intentional infliction of psychological injury." That is elder abuse. That is a felony (in addition to breach of fiduciary duty and a host of other offenses).

Anyone who wants to have contact with Dr. White requires a "passcode," and no one is providing the code to her sister and almost 50 nieces and nephews--the people she has requested to see, many whom are veterans. There is a preponderance of evidence that she was abducted and has been held through fraudulent representations for the purpose of financial exploitation but no one in Florida leadership seems to care about the truth. They are turning a blind eye and/or supporting the made-up narrative by the team of predators, mostly attorneys, and the person Dr. White testified has been victimizing her. In other words, the system is endorsing the predatory act.

Governor Ron DeSantis was the Congressman in Aunt Lillie's district when she was abducted in 2016 and was apparently unable to help. Now that he is governor, he has greater power and the responsibility to enforce state laws including Chapter 825: Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Elderly Persons and Disabled Adults. Therefore, this petition is calling for Governor DeSantis to:

  1. Facilitate full access to Dr. White by her entire family which she has requested in the November 2018 video (this can occur through the Ombudsman or other agencies under his leadership);
  2. Direct Attorney General Ashley Moody, statewide prosecutor Nicholas Cox and other relevant parties to do a thorough audit and investigation looking at actual evidence (including audio, video, the document package from the family and their investigators, and the bifurcated "secret" docket); and
  3. Support prosecution and retribution of wrongdoing. Eight years of being attacked through guardianship laws and almost four years of forced isolation is torture and has caused irreparable damage. No one can adequately repay that time or the psychological damage it may have caused. 

We believe Aunt Lillie was abducted because she was so vocal about being victimized. Video can be viewed at As we step up this advocacy, the family fears that Aunt Lillie will be medicated to death to be silenced for good. To provide a baseline, this morning (January 23, 2020), I called the Volusia County Sheriff's office for a wellbeing check and the officer said that Aunt Lillie was "alert, awake and healthy." If anything "suddenly" happens to her now, it will be murder--like what has happened in other cases.  

It's time for this human rights violation to end and for Aunt Lillie to be free. This type of guardianship fraud is happening across the country and Dr. White's case is considered one of the most egregious. In freeing her, we can move this issue to a national dialogue and spark greater reform to help seniors in Florida and across the country. Do the right thing and free Dr. White now.