Demand the Removal or Resignation of Nancy Stacy, Marion County (FL) School Board

Demand the Removal or Resignation of Nancy Stacy, Marion County (FL) School Board

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M Halcomb started this petition to Governor Ron DeSantis

While this petition has remained open for over a year, I continue to receive support for it. Despite negative criticism and being called an “Antifa mobster” � and any other ignorant thing she can think of, the mission remains the same. Despite her bullying of students and administrators, running a puppy mill, and calling for the release of a serial rapist and blaming rape victims for being raped, she remains. Now she has equated an improvement in test scores as “The Bomb” being dropped on the US like it happened at Pearl Harbor. Despite her lack of understanding of basic US History and grammar, she remains. She also has disparaged every teacher and employee of Marion County Public Schools by stating that what they accomplished last year wasn’t good enough. Aren’t we tired of her by now?

Our favorite school board member has done it again, this time calling women whores and defending rapists who drug women like Bill Cosby to be set free from prison. Let’s get her gone!

Recent information has come to light showing disgusting treatment of animals of the property of Republican Executive Committee Chairman Ralph “Rocky” Stacy and School Board Member Nancy Stacy which show horses emaciated with ribs showing and in need of immediate farrier and equine dental attention. The Stacy’s apparently own and operate “City Slickers Ranch” for the express purpose of operating it as a puppy mill. One horse was in such an apparent state of distress that it was recommended to be put down. Upon further investigation, dozens of Australian Shepherd puppies, close to 100, were found puppy mill type conditions in a dilapidated shed covered in feces with barely any food, mold and mildew on the walls, cages, litter areas, and air conditioning unit. The weeds and brush were overgrown and the excuse was that it was there to brush the bugs off of the dogs when they ran through. Several molded and mildewed pools were seen with no clean water for the dogs to drink, which is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The worst part is that Marion County Animal Control did nothing  to protect the animals and left them there. The Stacy’s have tried to say that it had been raining nonstop for weeks and that is why the dogs were dirty, but in pictures it is clear to see that the ground is dry and weather archives show barely any rain over a two week period.

Nancy Stacy has engaged in a pattern of self serving behaviors since her election to the School Board of Marion County Public Schools and has engaged  in a pattern of conduct that is unbecoming of an elected official in Marion County and the State of Florida. 

She has in the past disparaged former and current Superintendents as well as past and current members of the same board that she occupies.

She has engaged in a personal vendetta against Superintendent Dr. Heidi Maier and has disclosed personal financial information involving Dr. Maier at televised meetings of the Marion County School Board.

She has ridiculed and made inappropriate comments towards Dr Heidi Maier regarding her diagnosis of Asperger/Autism through emails obtained by the Ocala Star Banner as made public her displeasure on dealing with those diagnosed through a text interview with Ocala Star Banner reporter Joe Callahan. 

She has openly lied at televised meetings of the board regarding a telephonic interview she conducted with NBC affiliate WESH during a school shooting incident at Forest High School and openly blamed Dr. Maier for the shooting having occurred and attempted to disparage the teacher who brought it to the public’s attention at a televised board meeting.

She has blamed an esteemed teacher for being aggressive as her reason for ignoring the graduating students of Forest High School.

She has disparaged Deputy Superintendent Grantham at televised board meetings, stopped short of calling him a liar and blamed “unicorns.” 

She has disparaged parents and community members who disagree with her as “MSNBC Liberals” and “Liberal Fascists.” 

She has engaged in business of the school board on personal social media and encouraged government employees  to circumvent Florida Sunshine Laws by encouraging teachers to not communicate with her via email. 

She has, as an elected official, restricted the First Amendment rights of citizens by blocking those on social media with whom she disagrees or disagree with her. 

She is noticeably absent from graduation events at schools within the district she represents. 

She is noticeably absent from community events involving students from Marion County. 

The parents and citizens of Marion County demand an end to the personal attacks and bullying that Nancy Stacy directs towards members of the administration of Marion County Public Schools as well as towards concerned teachers, parents, and citizens who disagree with her.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!