Affordable Housing For ALL Floridians

Affordable Housing For ALL Floridians

February 3, 2022
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Started by Cheryl Jozsa

Dear Gov. DeSantis,

I'm writing to you to see what your plan is to help the hard working citizens in Florida that are getting displaced by the housing market boom?

I know you have had to been made aware by now what is happening to Floridians especially those that are renters.

When their leases are up the rent is is being increased so drastically that they can no longer afford it, or the home they have been renting is being sold. With the market being so saturated with investors, it's driving the cost of rent literally through the roof. Florida's wages weren't competitive BEFORE this housing boom/ and now it's even worse. People can't afford/ or qualify for rentals, if and when they can find one.

They can't find homes to buy because investors from literally all over the US are buying up homes for cash, many cases paying tens of thousands over the value of the home, leaving nothing for average hard working Floridians to purchase because mortgage companies will only loan to a certain amount.

I'd really like to know....What is your plan to assist the honest, hard working citizens in Florida through this housing crisis? Affordable housing was a problem BEFORE corporate greed rolled into town.

We are talking about people that go to work every day- in everyday professions, Teachers, Constructions Workers, Managers, etc are being forced to move in with relatives- 2 families per household, sleep in their vehicle, and some of these working people are actually becoming one of the homeless. Homeless!!!! Not because of poor choices, drug or alcohol addictions, criminal history, but because they are the victims of corporate greed.

If something isn't done now, there is going to be an increase in homelessness, loss of even more qualified workers, etc.

I believe in you. You stood up for our rights and kept this state open during the pandemic, when others states locked down. And I totally understand other people wanting to come live in this great state. But at what price? Hard working citizens unable to find affordable housing? Or worse yet, becoming homeless, because greedy investors want a piece of the pie? You're our Governor, for the love of GOD please do something to help all of the hard working citizens that are being displaced!!!!!


Cheryl Jozsa
Groveland, FL

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Signatures: 37Next Goal: 50
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