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Seek legislation allowing the use of CBD Oil as a treatment option for Epilepsy


I am a father of a 2 and a half year old daughter,Carly, that has been diagnosed with a neurological and epileptic disorder called CDKL5. Carly cannot walk, talk or feed herself. She has severe developmental delays that are caused by the disorder. 

Carly, like all children with CDKL5, suffer from seizures. We have tried every medicine that the doctors have told us to try. Nothing has worked. She still suffers from seizures on a daily basis. Some children with this disorder suffer dozens, if not more, per day. We are running out of options. We have been allowed to try every option except for the use of CBD's. 

There are thousands of children with epileptic disorders, including 30% of those with Autism, in the State of Alabama that need to stop suffering. In Colorado, for example, there has been great success using CBD's for seizure control. Dr. Sanjay Gupta has documented these types of treatments and how they have had a positive effect on patients suffering from Epilepsy.

The parents in Alabama need to have another option for their children other than that of pharmaceuticals that do not work. They need to be able to use these treatments without the fear of prosecution from the government and the governement needs to allow us access to such treatments. 

As a father of a suffering child, I am asking you to please seek legislation to help Carly and thousands of children. This is not a request to legalize Marijuana. This is a request to show compassion. This is a request to show you care for the children in Alabama. 

Thank you and God Bless.

A loving father

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State Representative Patricia Todd
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Governor of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley
Please have compassion and seek legislation allowing the use of CBD Oil as a treatment option for Epilepsy. For some of us this treatment is our last option to give our child a better quality of life.