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Governor Rick Scott of Florida: Veto Free Speech Police "Prevention Intervention"

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Veto Free Speech Police! Right now, freedom-stealing Sheriff Rick Bradshaw of Palm Beach County FL is scheming to sneak a massive power grab and create a new program called “Prevention Intervention”.

If passed, it would enable your neighbor to make an anonymous phone call and report you for any political views deemed as “anti government” or “potentially violent”. Get ready for the re-education camps!!!

That's why it's vital you sign the below “Veto Free Speech Police” Petition IMMEDIATELY

Veto Free Speech Police: Governor Rick Scott, FL

Whereas: Freedom of speech is a chief cornerstone of our liberties, enshrined in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution; and

Whereas: In the past, many Members of the Florida legislature, instead of taking steps protect our liberties, have chosen instead to use the issue to dramatically expand government intrusion into our lives; and

Whereas: The so-called “Prevention Intervention” proposal being touted by Sheriff Rick Bradshaw includes a neighborhood spying program that is bound to be exploited; and

Whereas: A county and even state wide database could be created allowing government bureaucrats to track all Floridian's firearms and potentially lead to infringement on the 2nd amendment as well as the 1st

Therefore: I urge you to veto the legislation for “Prevention Intervention” or “Violence Prevention” as the threat to our liberty is not worth the promise of additional security at the cost of bigger government

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