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My son is in the Work Camp prison up in Trenton Florida.  He is in Minimum custody.  His crime was credit card fraud....the judge gave him 10 years in prison and 20 years probation.  He is non-violent, complies with everything they tell him to do....he suffers with CELIAC DISEASE and is constantly breaking out because he has to eat whatever is served or go hungry.  My heart breaks for him because he has 2 small children, who he hasn't seen or spoken to for over a year and a half because his wife won't allow it...she moved in with her ex-husband and just wiped him out all together.  Everyday he tries to get through the day without breaking down...if he could only see his children or speak to them, it would be so wonderful.  My problem is this:  He is not violent, he is a first-time offender, he has paid dearly for his why can't his time be lessened to 65% instead of the 85%?  It would be more practical to lessen his time and let him be a father to his children.  He is a great carpenter and has gifted hands....such a waste to be locked away and not use any of these talents.  He is 50 years old...if he has to serve all 10 years, he will be 60 years old.  His duties right now are Gate House Trustee....he has to push a 1,000 pound trash cubicle everyday back and forth and other chores that go with it.  He never complains....SO PLEASE CAN YOU SIGN THIS PETITION AND HELP OTHERS LIKE MY SON.  SIGNED -  A GRIEVING MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER  P.S.  We never get to see our grandchildren either!

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