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Pass and sign HB 63 & SB 28. Make texting while driving illegal in Texas.

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Why is this important??? Why is it NOT important?
Texting while driving is 23 times more likely to cause an accident than having an intoxicated driver behind the wheel.
Texting while driving is ranked as the most dangerous distraction.
The drivers steering capability decreases by 91% when texting while driving.
According to the government website, 3,092 people were killed due to distracted driving in 2010.
People under 20 years of age are more likely to cause an accident due to texting and driving.
Young adolescents obtain 16% of distracted crashes.
Sending or reading a text message takes on average of about 4.6 seconds.
Taking your eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds is similar to driving the length of a football field blind at 55 mph.
Texting and driving is a manual, visual, and cognitive distraction.
...... UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE, YOU WON'T THINK IT'S A BIG DEAL. DON'T WAIT. DON'T TEST YOUR FATE. Let's get HB63 and SB28 passed and get Governor Perry to SIGN this bill once and for all!!!!! You put your seatbelt on without much thought, let's do the same with putting down the phone while we are driving.

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