Government of Puerto Rico, enact legislation for the creation of Electric Cooperatives NOW

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Tell the Governor of Puerto Rico and the Financial Oversight and Management Board that it is outrageous to sell the Public Electric Utility (PREPA) to the for profit private corporations!

Support the effort on Creating a National Electric Cooperative in Puerto Rico.

Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans are still in crisis and without power .
Elderly, sick and poor people are suffering the most. The Government's response to its inability to solve our people's power crisis is to sell off the Public Electric Utility to the highest bidder.
Despite the fact that more than 44% of the population in Puerto Rico lives under the poverty level, the Government has already announced a 25% cost increase on electricity prices - surely to pave the way for guaranteed profits to the foreign private investors in the coming years. The privatization agenda of PREPA is not only focused on selling the public electric utility to private investors, one of the main goals is to pay high interest on debt to the Vulture Funds. The wall street Vulture Funds investors take advantage of our crumbling and troubled economy by leading us to an inevitable bankruptcy, and hoping to cash in on settlements after buying the debt for pennies on the dollar.

As a member of the Coalition for a National Energy Cooperative in Puerto Rico, I truly believe that forming a National Energy Cooperative in Puerto Rico will be an effective response to the actual crisis by creating jobs and supporting workers' rights, reducing poverty and cost of services, and promoting social and economic justice in Puerto Rico.

By signing this petition you will help the people of Puerto Rico to:

*Protect and promotes the rights and the economic wellbeing of Puerto Ricans, especially those who are economically disadvantaged.

*Demand the Legislative branch of the Government of Puerto Rico to enact a Law and comprehensive Legislation that allows and establishes a National Electric Cooperative in Puerto Rico

*Achieve energy efficiency and sustainability on the island by providing every single structure in Puerto Rico with a solar photovoltaic system, providing cheap and clean electricity for our energy grid. Also, providing emergency power to each and every community in the inevitable case of a natural disaster.