Make All Banks use basic forms in Vernacular languages

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Dear Sirs

I am an employee of a Public Sector undertaking Bank working in a rural branch located in Tamilnadu. As you may be aware all forms including cash/cheque pay-in slip or withdrawal slip are printed in English and Hindi. I don't have to sensitize you on the basic fact that more than 80% of people from non-hindi belt of India don't understand or read and write these two languages. Moreover, when it comes to rural areas, almost 90% of people are either illiterate or equipped with their mother tongue only. With the Government's ongoing efforts of financial inclusion, no one can live without entering banks. 

However, these people when they visit banks for any activity are left on the mercy of very few fellow customers who can write or read English. We, employees are not allowed to write pay-in or withdrawal slips for the customers as per existant rules. This creates lot of confusion over the counters as customers often fill these forms with incorrect details leading to rejection by the staff. This results lot of over-the-counter brawls and fights. This spoils the customer-bank relations and seriously hurts the business. 

This happens all-over India in the non-hindi speaking states. Nonavailability of basic forms in vernacular languages is a major hurdle being  faced by crores of Indians in being part of Government's endeavor of financial inclusion.

I request you on behalf of all those citizens who face lot of hardships in banking due to nonavailability of forms in vernacular languages to direct all banks to print all basic forms in vernacular languages in addition to English and Hindi.

Thanking you.

Aravind Marisamy K