Petition Update

Wal-Mart Activist... A Special Note

Abby Goldberg
Grayslake, IL

Jun 21, 2012 — from a wonderful signer! Inspiring story you shold know of:

"I am SO happy to have found you!!!

I am a cashier for Walmart and I'm about the only one there that cares about the environment! Wal-mart is so concerned about loosing business instead of caring for the environment (like they say) and I am so frustrated working there.

I am giving away something that is destroying our world and I have no control over it. If I could afford to quit I would and I would picket outside their doors!

Just knowing you gives me the strength to keep fighting!!! I do this more for you and my 3 kids and all the others Im leaving this world to!!!
- Fellow Resident, Illinois.

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