Time’s Up For Online Intimidation And Threats

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Womxn have the right to be exactly who we want to be in person or online. We can share what we want to share or nothing at all. We don’t owe men a damn thing! For too long black women, women of color, femme presenting non-binary folx, and our entire gender diverse community have had to accept an expectation of violence in exchange for the “freedom” to exist anywhere. We live with the fear and fact that every move we make is being stalked through the eyes of a man who believes we are here to act the way HE thinks we should act. No “type” of woman is safe. Strong outspoken women are not safe, women who do not openly resist are not safe. We hear about online death threats all the time and the most targeted group is what they perceive as our sisters( not just cis-ters). These threats incite physical violence that many of us won’t recover from. Usually, via private message but the most dangerous aggressors use open intimidation to scare us into submission. Especially community leaders and activists. One of the most recent cases was against a beloved mother, Justice League NYC activist and community organizer named Tamika Mallory. Michael Ravelle acted with malice when he publicly suggested death for Tamika Mallory and wrote, “ You’d look really good with a hole in your forehead.” This was an outright criminal act. Tamika has the right to continue to advocate and shine light on the darkness. Tamika is all of us. Like us, she is many things to many people who love her dearly. Hey, “not all men”, your grandmothers, partners, mothers and daughters deserve to live in a world where “ she was asking for it” is never uttered again. That includes the threat of violence after daring to believe in her inherent worth as a human. When they come for one of us they come for all of us. Michael Ravelle’s social media accounts are no longer active since this event, but the images and intent can’t be unseen. We will not allow this to be our children’s inheritance. We’ve done enough, already. Let’s get 1000 signatures on behalf of our sister Tamika and every person who is subjected to this vile act. We won’t be silent. We make a special appeal to Governor LB Pritzker to look into this because of his fight to reform the Illinois criminal justice system and the integrity with which he currently leads.