#Let Them Play

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Dear Gov Scott,

Since Dec 26th our kids have been practicng. Two weeks ago they started contact practicing. You told us numerous times you need the data to allow for games. How can you have data to compare to when we haven't even played yet. You have asked us and our kids to be patient and we have been, we have done everything you have asked and once again our kids have been let down by you and your "team". Did you ever intend for them to play or was this all just a show. We live in the safest state for covid and yet you can't let them play. I can name several states that have been playing for months. Why can't you look at their data their guidelines and follow. You tell us you are following the college sport season, why they cross travel and didn't wear masks how can you use that as a comparison.

Our kids need this they deserve this. Allow our kids to compete to get some normalcy back in their day.  There are Seniors who have worked so,hard and its there last year to play, there are kids hoping a recruiter will see them and want them to play college ball. These kids know what is needed from them and the consequence of any irresponsible action could cause. And yet they still are not allowed to play.