Close VT Public Schools for Covid-19

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Please reconsider closing the schools in order to reduce transmission of Covid-19 in the state of Vermont.

The US as a whole is behind in terms of taking precautionary measures.  Vermont can set a positive example by proactively closing the public schools before the virus takes a stronger hold on the state.

This action will help to “flatten the curve” which will in turn provide a better chance that out health care system does not get overwhelmed.  Prohibiting social activities of 250 people or greater while keeping schools open defeats the purpose.

We can learn from the mistakes made in countries such as Italy, where measures were taken too late.  The problems that they have now could be our problems in a few short weeks.

The window is closing on this important step.  Please strongly consider closing schools as of this coming week.  Otherwise you are seriously risking the health of many more Vermonters than is necessary.