Vermont homeless people need self-quarantine opportunities

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Vermont homelessness and "flattening the curve"

News, Facebook, and conversations are filled with concerns about COVID-19. Self-quarantining, closing schools, runs on grocery stores.

They overlook and forget the homeless. When they do notice, they overlook and forget their own Achilles heel. They are wearing a condom with a big ole hole in it--one they put there by overlooking and forgetting those who are least among them.

The homeless are forced to live in public places. To eat, when they can, all of their meals in public places. To bathe, when they can, in public places. To use public toilets. To spend their days alone, overlooked and forgotten in public.

At night they might gather in shelters. If shelters are available. By forcing them together the rate of transmission will increase. Many of the homeless are high risk: smokers, poor health, medically vulnerable, mental health issues that make them unlikely to follow directions or understand, traumatic pasts and possibly fleeing from domestic violence. They  likely to be able to access medical care or report illnesses. Including COVID-19.

Then, as day comes, they are forced out into public to spread what they have contracted the night before. Or, we are housed for a night maybe a couple in a hotel with other homeless people before being turned out. While at the hotel for those few days of respite, there is no food--they still have to go out to eat.

And, as we are people who are unseen. People overlooked and forgotten. We aren't noticed as you go about your "self-quarantined" life. We have been made Typhoid Marys.

Please help the homeless of Vermont. We are in every community. We are in every public place and we don't want this either. We are human and we are vulnerable. We wish we had the solution, help us find one.

This plea was written by one of Vermont's homeless and disabled citizens, who recognizes a problem, but chooses to remain .