Low level inmates at risk

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Sharea Farmer
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Namaste everyone, my fight today is for the low-level, nonviolent inmates at the Mercer County Correctional facility in New Jersey. I am also speaking out for the corrections officers and the staff that have to go to work to take care of their families but are faced with the risk of catching the COVID. They have not yet received testing or PPE for the inmates or the corrections staff. I speak to my brother everyday who's currently incarcerated there and there are 13 officers that contracted the virus an inmate that was experiencing some  sicknessr to go to the infirmary and they did not bring him down until three weeks later as his symptoms worsened they tested him and he has the virus so they isolated him and the wing from which he came. Why isn't it written why isn't the public made aware of this? These inmates should not have to be faced with death sentences for low-level crimes their human and correction officers and staff should not have to be worried about keeping everything hush-hush because they might lose their jobs. The inmates are housed in one big dorm 26 in each dorm some dorms have more.I would like a release of the low-level non-violence pretrial inmates and also PPE for the staff and the inmates that remain there, I have wrote articles, I reached out to reporters and he spoke about it but still nothing has been done. So let me ask you how did it who an inmate who doesn't leave the building end up with the covid-19? I don't know the reasons that they want this kept quiet as far as the cases they have inside the Mercer County Correctional facility I am not here to judge I am here to speak out for the inmates and the staff that don't want to speak out for themselves and keeping it quiet. MY brother put in a request to see the nurse and he wasn't seen until 2 weeks later he had an infection in his tooth but he was still sent right back upstairs in the dorm where they cannot practice social distancing, there are three guys to a bunk so they're right on top of each other and nobody's wearing gloves and it's going to get worse so I'm putting a petition out there to stop it before it gets worse people who have family members there or even ones that don't. Also, people who have family members that work there their wives, sisters, brothers, fathers speak up for them stand up for them they shouldn't have to work without being properly protected. Please let's sign the petition and take a stand everyone needs a voice for someone who can't speak out for themselves. Thank you