Justice For Dana J

Justice For Dana J

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Dana Johnson is a US Army Veteran who served as an MP during Operation Iraqi Freedom and is also a former Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) officer.

Dana was wrongfully imprisoned in the State of New Jersey because of an unfair and bias trial. She is a law enforcement officer who was arrested for being in possession of a firearm. She is protected by a federal law called LEOSA (more on that below) to be able to carry a firearm, but NJ doesn't like firearms and the judge and prosecutor did everything they could to make sure the jury didn't know she had federal protection for the firearm.

LEOSA is the Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act, signed into law by President George W. Bush with the intention of providing certain protections for qualified law enforcement officers regarding the concealed carrying of a firearm. Specifically, with certain exceptions, it grants law enforcement the right to carry a concealed firearm across jurisdictional lines anywhere in the United States regardless of the state’s or local entity’s laws. New Jersey is notorious for ignoring this federal law, and now Dana is a pawn in their political game.

She has been sitting in jail for 16 months, despite the fact that she filed for an appeal EIGHT months ago. She hasn't even been appointed a public defender for the appeal process yet!

Dana is an American hero serving in both the military and the law enforcement community. We are asking you to sign this petition to get her at the very least the appointed defender as is her constitutional right, and hopefully get her out of jail, where she never should have been in the first place!