Getting Spring Break Back

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We have lost our spring vacation, due to the multiple nor,easter storms we,have had in the state of New Jersey, that have triggered states of emergency. The state of emergency had forced my school district to close school even though there were days we could have went in for a half day.We understand that there is mandatory 180 day school year. We get 4 snow days every year that we can use. With the storms we’ve had we exceeded our limit of allowed snow days. Us as students and staff look forward to our spring break, just so that we can slowdown, refocus, and refresh our mind,and bodies. I in particular have had a parent who has been ill since I’m 3 yrs old,and have not really enjoyed a vacation with my parents due to medical bills, and my parent state of health it’s been a hardship. This year is the first time we as a family had planned a vacation.To find out now that our spring break has been cancelled is totally discouraging. I’m sure that there are other people that feel the same way.Please Governor Murphy we are asking for your pardon of the exceeded snow days we used in the state of New Jersey.Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, all students,parents, and staff of New Jersey