Ending Racism in American Law Enforcement

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Dear Governor Murphy,

In the past week, the fallout from the murder of George Floyd has rocked the country. We are disturbed by the horrible acts of Derek Chauvin and his fellow officers, and are glad that swift legal action has been taken. We, the teenagers of New Jersey have had enough. We know that our police officers not only enforce the law, but affect the wellbeing of our communities. While some officers are in the wrong, accusing every law enforcement officer isn’t productive. It’s time to identify specifically what’s wrong with the law enforcement system and change it. We have written a list of reforms we feel are crucial to eliminating police brutality once and for all.

1. Harsher punishment for police misconduct
2. Investigation into Implicit Bias Training
3. Better vetting of officers/ monitoring of police activity
4. A united, bipartisan message from all American lawmakers that racism isn’t tolerated

We are living in a year that will define our future. Our generation’s actions now will determine our place in American history. We were born into a country with a disgusting history of racism, but it goes no further. We don’t plan on tolerating the institutional persecution of African Americans any longer. Can we count on you to help change our country for the better?