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Governor Patrick and President Obama: Provide legal representation for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev BEFORE interrogation.

The American justice system depends on the fair and equal administration of justice. If you make exceptions that dispense with these procedures, you set a very dangerous precedent. You undermine confidence in the legal system and you ensure that the important questions about the case will never be answered satisfactorily. If you interrogate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev without allowing him to obtain proper legal representation you short-circuit due process. We will forever wonder if he was coerced into implicating himself in ways that may not even be accurate. He will very likely succumb to brutal government interrogation tactics and provide unreliable information. But even if that particular scenario doesn't transpire – even if he somehow does reveal truth under these exploitative conditions – you will set a precedent that will undermine the notion of due process for years to come. This country's credibility has already been seriously diminished by other measures implemented under the so-called "war on terror", "homeland security" and the "patriot" act. It's time to stop creating exceptions to the fundamental principles of our civil justice process that, until recent years, set America apart from countries with despotic regimes. Join the ACLU and thousands of patriotic Americans who demand that our justice system work as intended.

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