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NC Lawmakers are cutting school funding. It's time to put a stop to it.

Our teachers are already some of the lowest paid teachers in the country - and now lawmakers are doing more to hurt our instructors.  There are no longer incentives for teachers that have graduate degrees - those raises have been cut.  Tenure, which is designed to keep teachers from being fired arbitrarily, no longer exists.  

Teachers are already paid so little, that some of them qualify for medicaid.

Instructors have few assistants in the already crowded classooms.  Our students are performing poorly, and performance will only decrease.  We must invest in teachers and our children.

Please tell NC Lawmakers to stop dismantling our education system and start investing in the future.

Letter to
State Senator Chad Barefoot
State Senator Bill Rabon
State Senator Thom Goolsby
and 20 others
State Senator Buck Newton
State Senator Wesley Meredith
State Senator Don Davis
State Senator Brent Jackson
State Senator Bill Cook
North Carolina State House
North Carolina State Senate
State Senator Michael Walters
State Senator Ronald Rabin
State Senator Josh Stein
State Senator Tamara Barringer
State Senator Harry Brown
State Senator Clark Jenkins 2
State Senator Norman Sanderson
State Senator Louis Pate
State Senator Neal Hunt 2
State Senator Dan Blue
State Senator Angela Bryant
Governor Patrick McCrory
North Carolina Governor
Stop destroying Public Education. Start investing in our schools. Teachers are suffering, students are suffering. It's time to put a stop to it.