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Çin de yaşanan köpek katliamına DUR DEYİN

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Hayvanlara reva gördüğünüz bu eziyet hiç adil değil.Size yalvarıyorum buna artık bir son verin!! Bu feci katliamın adını "Festival" koyup eğlendiğiniz o saf kötülük gününü lanetliyorum!!


We, Raise Ur Paw and individuals of the world are reaching out and petitioning to have the inhumane Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival.We are hoping that you will take a moment to hear our grave concerns about this horrific tradition, and do the humane thing by saying no to this festival and save the lives of countless dogs that will fall victim to this event - an event that will butcher, skin alive, beat to death etc thousands of innocent dogs and also increase the abduction of strays & pets, and also increase the torturous, inhumane prisons of dog meat farms - which will leave a stain upon the image of your country.You hold in your hands the power to be a role model for not just your people but for other countries as well, by showing the greatness of a nation and putting all innocent life first and not just the lives of humanity - to finally be considered a compassionate species - not a superior species.Please STOP THE YULIN DOG or CAT MEAT EATING FESTIVAL, pass along respect and compassion for animals to future generations, and not a stain that will affect them permanently - a stain that will continue to tarnish the human race. Is that the mark you want to leave? Only we can make the choice to change the world - we are the difference that can be made.

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Ebru Ceylan bu imza kampanyası için senin desteğini bekliyor: «Governor of Yulin GuangXi Province China - Mr. Chen Wu Chinese Minister of Agriculture: Çin de yaşanan köpek katliamına DUR DEYİN». Ebru ve imza atan diğer 1.401 kişiye katıl.