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Stop ! Giving the convicted domestic absuer the children

Domestic Abuse Registry For Victims and Children


The reason I started this petition is the Wis court gave my grandchildren to a convicted domestic absuer,it is suppose to be all about the children but no one protect the children. that why we need adomestic abuse registry to protect the victims and children

Domestic abuse is climbing more each day, not only in the families but also children are learning to become bullies from the abusive parent. Every day women and women with children flee their home for their safety. When they leave ,they leave with nothing most of the time , many move to other states where they felt they would will be safe . But that is not the case, mothers have more important things to do to survive and they shouldn't have to worry about the abuser getting custody of the children and their safety
We need to protect the victims of abuse, so when the victim leave they know there rights will be protected. We need to take the power away from the abuser so they wouldn't be able to manipulate the children against the victim , With law like this the children would not have to live with the abuser the children could live in safety.
The victims have trouble talking and representing them selves because of the abuse they endured. they are frustrated, hurt and feel they are alone, the abuser on the other hand knows how to manipulate the situations,they are relaxed and comfortable. they have had many years of practice. The victims are not capable of paying for expense attorneys, as for the abuser he had his job, he has the house for the victims fled with nothing and left all behind just for their safety.
Our police officer and the judges and attorneys are not educated in the field of domestic abuse.
They do not look at what effects this has played on the children, the children have watched and heard the abuse and they are helpless . They often feel that they have caused this situation.In a lot of ways domestic abuse is worst than sexual abuse . There are usually are more than one victims feeling the effect of the abuse'
We need to have domestic abuse registry that would make the abuser responsible for his actions. he should have to attend counseling and also pay for their victims counseling. There are abusers that the courts seal their records so they don't lose there jobs
He should not have physical or legal custody of the children, the children saw and heard the abuse , they should not have to live in fear.
They should have to pay for the victims rent,counseling and helping them get back on their feet, as the victims help them get where they are financially.
The victim should not be penalized forcing them to pay child support,because the children have been wrongly removed from the victim home. The abuser is very experienced in lying, the abuser is so affected in convincing the court he is the better parent'
We need to implement a domestic abuse registry that would make the abuser responsible for his action
1. They should have to attend counseling and also pay for the victim counseling.
The abusers don't lose their jobs.
2.The abuser shouldn't have physical or legal custody of the children,the children saw and heard the abuse. They should not have to live in fear or become bullies themselves..
3. They should have to pay for the victims rent ,counseling and helping them get back on their feet,as the victims helped get them where they are financially today.
Domestic abuse is big money for the courts,the attorneys and everyone involved except the victims ,they all profit from it, except the victims.
We need a domestic abuse registry , this would also help so the victims don't end up with another abuser in the future.
stop giving the children to the abusers

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