Petition Closed

The Norfolk Four spent between eight and 11 years in prison for a murder DNA proves another man committed. But while the four men aren't in prison today, they aren't free, either. They are registered sex offenders, limited in society, such as employment or in one man's case, the ability to adopt his step-son. Young men when they were incarcerated, their lives have been forced from them. 

Urge Virginia officials to vacate the convictions of the Norfolk Four and finally clear their names after a decade of injustice.

Letter to
Governor of Virginia Robert F. McDonnell
Commonwealth's Attorney Gregory D. Underwood
Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli
I’m writing to urge you to fully vacate the convictions of Derek Tice, Danial Williams, Joseph Dick and Eric Wilson -- the men known as the “Norfolk Four.”

These four men served our country in the U.S. Navy and were imprisoned for between eight and 11 years for a murder DNA proves they didn't commit. As you know, the real perpetrator of the crime, implicated by DNA testing, has admitted to committing the crime alone, and yet the Norfolk Four have not been fully cleared. All four are registered as sex offenders. They still have a murder on their records -- a crime DNA proves they didn't commit.

The detective responsible for eliciting the false confessions from the Norfolk Four was recently convicted on multiple counts of extortion and lying to federal law enforcement officials. This corruption conviction is directly relevant to the innocence claims of the Norfolk Four and further undermines the integrity of their convictions.

The wrongful conviction of these four men was a travesty of justice, and it is within your power to finally correct the record and clear their names. Please stand up for justice in Virginia and take whatever action is necessary to vacate the wrongful convictions of the Norfolk Four. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.