The Governor of Victoria to utilise the reserve powers and dismiss the State Government

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We demand the immediate removal of the premier of Victoria and the government by the Governor of Victoria through the use of the reserve powers vested in the office of the Governor. We demand this action due to the incompetence and arrogance shown by the state government during the COVID-19 issue.  Through the decisions of the government we have seen much that we should be concerned about in regards to the erosion of our rights, for example the fining of a learner driver for having driving practice with her own parent, this is only one example amongst many.  We have also seen the abuse of the rights of our societies most vulnerable residing in various housing commission towers.

The following are examples of government failings that has seen Metropolitan Melbourne placed into lockdown again, the only area in Australia where a second lockdown has occurred:

  1. Cedar Meats debacle
  2. Hotel quarantine disgrace (ie. security sleeping with those in quarantine, but also lack of hygiene and procedures at these venues),
  3. Allowing a protests to occur without acting to prevent them,

The above are  only examples of the many failings of this governments actions.

Further to the above mentioned failings which clearly exhibit total incompetence is the fact that the premier has delighted in talking down to the people of Victoria, and inflicting fear, he has failed to bring the people on the journey and his attitude towards the people has shown a total disrespect for the role of premier which in our democratic system requires the position holder to serve and respect the people.