Tony Enis is an innocent man behind bars over 30 years. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Tony Enis is an innocent man behind bars over 30 years. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

August 24, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tony Enis

Over 30 years of unjust incarceration IS ENOUGH! 


Meet Tony Enis

My name is Tony Enis. I  was born in Waukegan Illinois, where I grew up. I have been in prison since August of 1987 just one month short of my 21st Birthday. It was then that I was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death row until 2003.


I realize better than anyone the skepticism and doubt with which people veiw proclamations of innocence, but I will not allow the doubters and nay-sayers to discourage me. I am propelled by the truth and must stay the course. I am one of what I believe are many innocent men formally on death row and now in prison in Illinois. Some have made it out, but there remains those of us who continue to fight  for our lives our liberty, those of us that fight the unyielding forces of racial discrimination in "our justice system". Those of us who fight for a level playing field, as well as our human dignity and respect. Being poor, black or brown should never give the system carte blanch to destroy the lives of men and women for crimes they did not commit.

Still if you do not know me, you can not be sure if my words ring true. I understand that, so I ask of you to examine and judge the facts presented to you on this website, and particularly in my draft request for clemency that I intend to eventually file to the Governor. If those facts move you in some way, if they make you angry, if they make you sad, if they evoke compassion, sympathy or empathy, then I ask you to sign the online petition to show your support ( see request for clemency petition ) and or write a letter or email to the Governor of Illinois and implore him to look into my case; show him there are those who believe I am innocent; that I am deserving of my freedom; that I am not a danger to society and 30 years is enough.

For those who took the time to read about me, I am humbled by your concern, compassion, and willingness to seek the truth. I thank you.

In closing I'd like to quote John F. Kennedy

" The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened."



Anthony Enis (Tony to his friends) was convicted in 1987 of murder and sentenced to death. Due to prosecutorial misconduct, his conviction and sentence were overturned by the Illinois Supreme Court, and he was granted a new trial. Unfortunately and unfairly, he was again convicted and sentenced to death.

Like many people in prison, Tony has been wrongfully convicted and has suffered over 30 years of unjust incarceration due to very poor legal representation and a highly flawed legal system. Tony has always maintained his innocence of this crime.

When the crime was committed Tony was at home with his ex wife Diane (Gonzalez) Vaughn, who to this day proclaims he is innocent and supports his fight to gain his freedom.

Tony was on death row until 2003 when the Illinois Governor George Ryan became gravely concerned about the number of death row inmates who were proven to be innocent. After an intense year long investigation into the matter, Governor Ryan commuted the death sentence for every person on death row.  A few were pardoned, a few were sentenced to a number of years, but the vast majority were sentenced to natural life imprisonment. Tony has been serving a life sentence ever since.

The purpose of this website is to present some of the facts of Tony's case and allow you to begin to get to know Tony, not as a statistic but as a human being. It is also an opportunity to show the Governor of Illinois that you support Tony so that true justice is served and  an innocent man does not spend the rest of his life in prison.

Tony is seeking a pardon from the governor, or alternatively a commutation of his sentence that will set him free. The full and complete Petition for Executive Clemency and more detailed information about Tony's case are available at:

Volunteers are welcome to print this information and collect additional signatories to join in petitioning the governor.

By signing this petition the undersigned agrees to join and petition the governor of Illinois to pardon or commute the sentence of Anthony (Tony) Enis, who is currently serving at Menard Correctional Center.

For more information or to help or support Tony, contact:

Tony Enis #N82931

Menard CC

PO Box 1000

Menard, IL  62259; or (Anthony Enis N82931); or

Tony has been incarcerated for over 30 years for a crime he did NOT commit … enough is enough! He asks you to consider his words with an open heart and an open mind and decide for yourself. Thank you for your time and your compassion.

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Signatures: 16,222Next Goal: 25,000
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