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Investigate opioid overdose deaths as homicide.

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 In Alabama opioid overdoses are classified as accidental deaths. With the rise of fentanyl and carfentanyl being mixed with heroin, this is strictly murder. Each Coroner should draw blood samples when no autopsy is being preformed, and the case should be investigated with due diligence as a murder investigation. Allow use of text messages, or messages on social networks to be used in the investigation.

 My son died from an overdose at 33 years. He leaves behind an 8 year old son that doesn't understand why no one is in trouble for killing his dad. I was told his overdose was heroin because he had "prior history of use", even though he had not used in 18 months. I signed papers for fluids to be drawn and tested to see if they would match "other drugs in recent overdose deaths", to help catch the person that was supplying these deadly drugs. Because of this request, I did not request an autopsy. Now it seems, those test were not done.

 Another young man, Matthew Anthony Fothergill age 26, a truck driver from North Carolina was given a fatal  opioid dose and left in a hotel room in Opp, Al. He has parents, family, 3 daughters ages 7 and twins age 3. No investigation into his death,  his family and loved ones need answers and someone to be held accountable. He was a visitor in our state, and deserves to have the investigation as to why he was left behind with no help to save his life. The person giving him the opiates should be held responsible for his death.

 Our families are dying daily from these drugs. These are not accidents. Families deserve answers, and the person supplying the deadly drug deserve to be prosecuted for murder. As a state we can not stand back and watch whole generations die from being poisoned. Parents, family, friends, are burying too many of our younger generation. We need this to stop. Drug dealers must be held accountable, as should our law enforcement, Coroner's, and Prosecutor's. We need new laws in place to make this happen!

Our state must make a stand.  Stronger laws, and enforced investigations will be the only way we can gain control over this epidemic. Each of us must make a stand, and that stand starts with the Governor's office, every state official, every police department, and coroner's office.

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