Feature First Nations art on our Canadian bank notes and Canadian postage stamps.

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Bank notes and postage stamps that belong to all Canadians should depict a wider range of Canadians. Who and what is celebrated on our bank notes matters, as it reflects what we consider important in our culture and history and who we consider worthy of honouring for achievement. First Nations people (and images that represent them) are not absent from the list of notable historical figures in Canada, just notably under-represented in many of the images that surround us and which contribute to our view of the world and those in it. 

For decades, First Nations people have been subject to many injustices, including our history being written to favor government and European settler interests (even our school textbooks written to that slant) and excluded from being represented as a celebrated and integral part of our history on our media.

While designs that represent First Nations people have been featured a few times on commemorative/collectible coins and/or stamps, it is time for designs that represent our First Nations to be featured in designs for circulation currency and circulation postage stamps on an ongoing basis. A great concept would be traditional artwork that reflects the diversity of our First peoples from coast to coast. 

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