NYC/NYS Free-Standing Ambulatory Surgical Centers Used As Birth Centers in COVID-19

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New York City is the epicenter of COVID-19. Hospitals are flooded with this pandemic resulting in strained medical care & resources. Currently, New York State has proclaimed ONE person can come with a person in labor and offer support in their birth. This is a step in the right direction, but families should not have to chose. Having a birth doula and loved one's presence/support during one of the most powerful times in a person's life should not be one of angst and stress.

The photo above is a father and birth doula sitting in a parking lot of a local hospital providing virtual support to his wife giving birth without her husband or doula physically with her. They made it successfully and mother tested negative for COVID-19; they are home safe with their baby and family.

Sharing space as a healthy individual with those who are affected by COVID-19, in hospitals treating this pandemic increases a pregnant person's risk of, mental trauma, risks to their unborn/newborn and is not patient centered care.

Currently, all elective surgeries are postponed in NYC/NYS. There are multiple empty ambulatory surgical centers in all five Burroughs which are already equipped to support births in a separate medical setting thus promoting patient centered care; including support from spouse, partners and Doulas - as well as the physicians and midwives who care for them. 

Childbirth DOES NOT belong in the hospital. Childbirth is NOT a disease or illness. Utilize these now inactive free standing facilities for pre/post natal urgent needs and for labor and delivery. Every hospital in NYC has their own ambulatory surgical center(s). Let NYC use this existing resource to keep birth safe and  fully supported! No one should have to give birth separated from their support or make an agonizing choice of the support they can have.