Implementation of medical negligence laws in Pakistan and justice for my father

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Due to a doctor's medical negligence my father passed away on 21st January , 2019 at the Aga khan University Hospital Karachi .Apparently this hospital claims to be the best in Pakistan but they have zero hygiene practices and the doctors are given a free hand to experiment on their patients.

Dr Amber Sabeen a senior instructor at internal medicine department who was my father's attending physician and murderer is still practicing at this so called prestigious hospital. She's not the only doctor who has committed medical malpractice and still has a career in Pakistan. Infact Pakistan has become a breeding ground for doctors who commit such acts due to lack of tough legislation.

Numerous Pakistanis have suffered due to medical negligence and several have lost their loved ones while those responsible remain at large without any repercussions. Medical negligence is on the rise because of lack of accountability. Implementation of strict laws accessible to the masses which include at least ten years of jail time in case of the death of the patient, cancellation of medical license and heavy fines in the case of deviation from standard medical practices is an urgent need in Pakistan.

Doctors like Amber Sabeen as well as many others who have and continue to mishandle patients in Pakistan need to be severely punished. This is not the fight of a single man or woman but a fight for the entire Pakistani nation itself.  #Amber #Sabeen #AKUH #Aga khan Hospital