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Close the zoo in Puerto Rico

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Help Us Close the Zoo in Puerto Rico

For the past years, the Puerto Rico zoo, located in the municipality of Mayagüez has been in the midst of media controversy for the terrible conditions the animals have been living in. Dirty water tanks, lions sleeping in confined spaces on their own waste, among many many other forms of abuse.

Pictures and stories have been leaked to the media of sick lions, euthanize cubs, elephants in detriment conditions, rhinos alone and miserable.

There is NO excuse to euthanize newly born baby cubs, and throw their bodies into a river. Organizations worldwide are willing to receive these animals, but we need to obtain custody in order to begin making travel arrangements.

Changing the administration of the zoo is not the answer. Puerto Rico is in a very delicate economic situation with 72 billion dollars in debt, and currently PROMESA is restructuring the entities to reduce spending, the money for the zoo is their last priority.
Yesterday (6/26/2017)a Tiger by the Name of Angel was Euthanized at the Zoo. Angel was seen back in early 2015 by a USDA Inspector. At that time he told the then Curator/Vet, Dr. Luis Figueroa, that Angel look very thin and required further testing. The Zoo lacks the much needed radiological equipment as well as the much needed facility to provide the most basic of care (Is in the USDA Reports). He was told to contact outside locations to have the Animal evaluated further. The Zoo then decided to move Angel, the Tiger to a place at the Zoo away from the public eye where he remained hidden and alone until he was euthanized yesterday. From 2015 to yesterday he remained without proper Medical Care. The Zoo lost the then Curator after making headlines for killing Healthy Newborn Lion Cubs just last year. What type of Medical Evaluation and care received is a big question that must now be answered by the Zoo's Administration and the Secretary of the Department of Recreation and Sports, who is the Agency in charge of the Zoo Operations.
Five Newborn Lion Cubs were born at the Zoo on Saturday, June 17th, 2017.
Allegedly, Vet checked them but did not isolate mom or feed the Cubs. Two died the same day. Two more on June 19, 2017. The last remaining Lion Cub died June 25th, 2017.
The Secretary for Parks & Recreation, current administration in charge of the zoo is not answering phone calls or emitted a formal communication to press. They also had all of their employees sign documents saying they will not speak with anybody regarding the subject. What do they have to hide Mr. Waldemar? 


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