Opposing Pardon for murderer Tina Talbot.

Opposing Pardon for murderer Tina Talbot.

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Teresa Szczepanowicz started this petition to Governor of Michigan Ms. Gretchen Whitmer

Governor of Michigan Ms. Gretchen Whitmer – Petition for Opposing Pardon to murderer Tina Talbot.

We the undersigned oppose pardoning of inmate Tina Talbot for murder of Milosz Szczepanowicz. Tina Talbot was sentenced to 2-15 years in prison with plea deal for intentional killing her husband/manslaughter.  This inmate Tina Talbot should have no relief from her MAXIMUM sentence. 

Tina Talbot already got the deal while the prosecutor let drop the charges for criminal possessing of weapon and open murder. There is no break from the pain and loss Milo's family and friends feel over his death. No to pardon or parole for Tina Talbot.

Tina Talbot assassinated Milosz Szczepanowicz - than her husband of 2 years and life partner of 22 years – on September 14, 2018. There is no justification for killing Milosz and depriving child of his father and his mother of her son. Milosz was only forty-five years old when Tina Talbot took his life, his rights, his voice and dreams. Milosz was a good son, father, brother and human being.

Milosz was unarmed when he was shot. He was sitting in the chair in backyard of his home. Talbot was in charge of the gun - the gun loaded with nine bullets, but she used only two bullets with precision of assassin. First bullet entered his neck paralyzed him and gave Milosz agonizing pain but he can live. Murderer Talbot stepped closer to Milosz to shot the second bullet to finish him off. The second shot was coming when he was helpless and immobilized and paralyzed and still sitting in the chair. The second bullet murdered Milosz, when the bullet shot through the back of the head. This was not manslaughter, or a spur of the moment incident or some delayed reaction to alleged domestic violence but premeditate killing.

Murderer Talbot was in total charge on 9/14/18 and had many possibilities to leave and/or to call police and/or her acquaintances. Talbot had telephone to call police before killing.

35 minutes before killing the whole family – Talbot, Milosz and their son, were in a mall. Milosz went inside the mall to pay the water bill. Talbot with the child stayed in the car and had a plenty of time and opportunities to leave or call for help – camera showing such event is available to look at.

At home - the house has 3 doors – front door, side by garage and third to backyard where Milosz was sitting. Two additional doors were open and available to leave the house, while Milosz was sitting in the backyard (third door).

There were no fights; violence that day of murder 9/14/18, Milosz didn’t run after her or charged at her. Other than Talbot no one saw what happened at the house that day of 9/14/2018, there is no video of what happened in the house, but Milosz is dead, and has no say in this proceedings.
When he was shot, Milosz was sitting peacefully in a chair in the backyard.

Murderer Tina Talbot had other choices to resolve issues plugged in the marriage but she selected murder. She could have filed for divorce or sought assistance from various community resources, including clergy and the police. Instead, she chose provocation and cold bloodied murder of my son.

Milosz wanted to divorce her. Tina Talbot knew that Milosz intended to leave her, file for divorce and obtain custody of their son, 7 years old Phillip.  

Talbot knew that the only argument that will get under Milosz skin is to question that Milosz is a father to Phillip. Talbot knew that questioning Milosz paternity of Phillip and telling him of her infidelity and lovers, including showing him email she did send lately to her ex-boyfriend with her picture, would upset Milosz, as would anyone. Talbot attempted to use her misdeeds as nothing more than a pretext to murder Milosz.

Allegations of prior domestic abuse are not true, contrary what Talbot and her supporters claim after the murder of my Milosz. This claim was manufactured by Talbot to escape responsibility for this evil act or gain the Court’s sympathy at sentencing. Importantly, there were no prior reports of domestic violence over the course of 24-years together. First and last was her call that she murdered Milosz on 9/14/2018. No matter their domestic situation, Talbot had choices other than murdering my son.

Even if domestic abuse in the week 9/10 through 9/14/18 were true, which it is not, that would not excuse or justify killing Milosz and depriving child of his father and his mother of her son.

NO PARDON to inmate Tina Talbot for murdering Milosz Szczepanowicz

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