Can voters mandate be changed after election results ? हो रहा है महाराष्ट्र मे जनादेश का अपमान

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To All those Voters from Maharashtra who are feeling cheated like me ....

In the recent 2019 elections in Maharashtra there were two major pre poll alliances BJP+Shivsena+ and NCP+INC+

And clear mandate of people is for BJP +Shivsena+ Alliance .

Post outcome of results for unknown reasons and disagreement with BJP , Shivsena has decided to join hands with the opposition alliance to secure their party ambitions to have CM post with them We as voters should have power to recall and ask this new alliance to seek a fresh mandate as this move is contradictory to principle with which BJP+Shivsena asked for people’s vote .

I feel People have voted for clean government that performed in past 5 years and not for this new opportunist Number crunched  alliance hence we need fresh opinion 

We want fresh mandate to be that voters get a fair chance to express their views again 

Request his excellency Governor of Maharashtra to respect people’s mandate and not allow unhealthy alliance to rule our state for next five years 

Requesting Chief Election Commission to bring rules to protect voters verdict