"Request Petition for Reinstatement of MR Randeep (IAS) back into Animal Husbandry BBMP."

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The petition is addressed to Governor of Karnataka, Principal Secretary of Karnataka and Maneka Gandhi.

Respected Leaders,
                  Subject:- Reinstatement of Mr.Randeep (IAS) back into Animal Husbandry BBMP.

  We the citizens of Bengaluru would like to sign this petition for reinstatement of Mr.Randeep back into Animal Husbandry Department (BBMP), as he was transferred out of Animal husbandry suddenly after the ABC (Animal Birth Control) Tender was put out and tender terms and conditions were improvised to fix ABC (Animal Birth Control Program) for the city street dogs. This sudden transfer has questioned all of our minds.

Mr.Randeep is an honest and hard-working officer in Civil Service and one of the best IAS Officers. Even today he is in charge of the BBMP for SWM, IT, FINANCE AND WELFARE as an Additional Commissioner, Animal husbandry also came under him previous to this sudden transfer. Looking at his SWM work he has got an extraordinary job done for the Bengaluru city. We believe he will be able to fix the ABC system which is not functioning properly. A lot of botched up ABC's (Animal Birth Control) surgeries have been brought to his notice and the Law and Order due to the deaths of an innocent voiceless puppy or dogs who have died when the surgery was botched up. NGO'S having the Tender now at present were given tenders to them before Mr.Randeep took charge and they are not AWBI recognized NGO's and some are not committed service providers. Illegal Relocation of street dogs to has been brought to Mr.Randeep's notice. 

So to do justice for the ABC(ANIMAL BIRTH CONTROL) Program we the citizens request and are approaching you to help us in bringing back Mr.Randeep to Animal Husbandry Immediately.

Thank you.

Your's Sincerely,
Nandini and the citizens.