Postpone KPSC KAS Prelims (2017-18) 2020 to December 2020 in the wake of #COVID19

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We, the Karnataka Administrative Services (KAS) Gazetted Probationers (GPs) 2020 aspirants (exams conducted by Karnataka Public Service Commission [KPSC]), support our government and its efforts in tackling this pandemic #COVID19. However, adequate attention must be paid to our issues as well.

Government declared lockdown due to pandemic #COVID19 without any warning from late March 2020. KAS GPs Prelims requires dedicated preparation of a minimum of 3-4 months, which is a very crucial time for candidates and during this period we take tests at coaching centres and do the final preparation.

However, Since late March 2020 until start of June 2020 (nearly 3 months), our schedule for classes, test-series and study is completely hampered as many of us moved from Bengaluru/ Dharwad and other district places to our hometowns (rural & remote places) with little or no - Books, Study material and libraries facilities due to the current scenario of #COVID19. The coaching centres have not re‑opened yet, which has been a blow, hence we have been unable to do preparation well.

During Late May 2020, the inter-district movement was allowed with strict restrictions. Hence, we continued to stay back at our homes for preparation from Jun 2020 looking at the challenges for travelling, accommodation, and food at respective places.

Most of us who had come to Bengaluru/Dharwad from other districts for the exam preparation, have mentioned Bengaluru/Dharwad address as communication address for exam centre while applying online. If the exam centre is allotted at Bengaluru, it will be very risky, challenging, and grim to travel to & fro to Bengaluru/Dharwad during this pandemic crisis.

Unfortunately, if someone contract #COVID19, consequently infection spreads to friends, family members - old aged parents, grandparents, and kids. Further, the study for mains exam get impacted due to quarantine, containment of respective areas, health and social related issues, thereby affecting an ample period of an aspirant, later they will not be able to make-up the mains preparation and interview.

Also, it needs to be noted that the number of #COVID19 cases continue to increase day by day, contracting many people, containment zones are also being increased, which will be a very life‑threatening to all.

We wonder why KPSC is hastening to schedule KAS GPs prelims on Aug 24, 2020 during this pandemic, though earlier it has been conducting KAS GP’s prelims every 3 years instead of yearly.

Travelling to district places to write the exams is quite difficult in this situation. We feel our health is at risk if we are made to write down exams during this pandemic. There is a high chance that some of us will be contracted with #COVID19 and thereby spreading it. 

KPSC (KAS GPs prelims) is expecting lakhs of aspirants to come together during the time of social distancing. Looks like they are disappointed at how well Karnataka has contained the pandemic so far and want to pump up the number of cases.

The ongoing pandemic #COVID-19 has affected applicants in day to day activities in a lot of ways, like

  • Mental hegemony
  • Economic Stress
  • Social distancing - need of the moment
  • Uncertainty in planning day to day activity post lock down

The Civil service exams from other states are getting postponed and are being held in December 2020.

The aspirants are already in depression, anxiety, and stress due to this pandemic, which is preventing us from performing at our best. Still if KPSC holds exams before December 2020, our condition is likely to worsen more.

During this crisis, KPSC should uplift and support the aspirants by holding KAS GP’s prelims and other exams in December 2020, which will be of great help to us.

Considering the number of people looking for employment in Civil services, it can have a huge impact on a lot of families.

  • Some applicants are formally employed in essential services currently, whose service is the need of the moment
  • Psychological relief to applicants who were stuck at different places during lockdown for long-time
  • Uneven impact of pandemic across the districts which gives an edge to few over others. If the exam is held after UPSC prelims, it ensures fair game for all.
  • During this tough time, it will enable applicants to make choices and allow them to fight this humanitarian crisis in a better manner.

KAS GP’s prelims is an exam that impacts the aspirations of over lakhs of families. We humbly urge KPSC Chairman - Sri.Shadakshari Swamy, Secretary - Smt. G. Sathyavathi, Controller of Examinations - Smt. G.R.J.Divya Prabhu to conduct KAS GPs prelims in December 2020 and declare new dates at the earliest.