Governor Vala should resign in view of his unconstitutional actions.

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People of Karnataka voted for 222 seats. The magic number was 111. BJP won 104 seats. They claim they are people's mandate .Which is wrong. People of Karnataka have given a fractured mandate. In such a case the ''democratically elected legislators" will decide how to form the government. Congress has 78 seats. JD(S) has 38 seats. The remaining 2 are others .


Now comes the question of our esteemed Governor, Mr. Vajubhai Vala, calling a party to form government. The Honorable Governor is an experienced legislator having presented the highest number of budgets by any MLA, having held key positions in various governments in Gujarat. A BJP strongman when he was in active State politics. Now he is Governor. That distinction seems to escape him. Perhaps he has forgotten what his rank and post demand and require. Given the general rule, in case of a hung assembly, that he must call to form a government, in order

1. Pre-poll alliance

2. Single largest party

3. Post-poll alliance

As there was no pre poll alliance, BJP and the Honorable Governor are justifying calling BJP to form government. But what the Governor did was totally unconstitutional and bordering on "we'll do whatever we want to do" attitude. Congress-JD(S) had agreed for an alliance with 117 members. The other 2 members also agreed to join the Congress JD(S) coalition and yet the Honorable Governor thought it wise to invite BJP to form the government. With anti-defection laws in place and his duty to prevent any inlawful things from happening, how did he expect BJP to form the government. Where are the remaining 7 members. The only place they could have come from is the alliance with majority. Mr. Yediyurappa asked for 7 days and the Honorable Governor gave him 15 days as if to urge him to buy MLAs, that according to law cannot defect in any case. This blatant unconstitutionality and misuse of gubernatorial powers by such an experienced leader is a disgrace .He should resign from the post on ethical grounds and introspect over the mistakes he did and the dire injustice and disrespect shown to his office and rank. 


Shame on you, Mr .Vala. Succumbing to party politics and BJP top brass's pressure. Shame on you . Leave our State to us and don't try your tricks here.