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Wrongfully convicted on murder charges 17 year old Doncorrion Spates in Waterloo, Ia

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17 year old Doncorrion Spates was convicted of 1st degree murder, attempted murder and intimidation with a weapon on Feb 9, 2018 in the July 2015 slaying of a young man and two others injuried. Black Hawk County courts convicted Doncorrion Spates of these charges with the lack of circumstantial evidence, also the witnesses who testified could not verify Doncorrion Spates as the shooter. Camera shows Doncorrion Spates before and after this accused crime and it shows he didn't have a weapon in his possession at all. It is believed that Doncorrion Spates was a target of the Waterloo police department because of his last name and his family history. Waterloo polices judged him based off the incarections of his father, uncles and brothers. Doncorrion Spates was never going to have a fair jury trial based off the fact his last name is Spates and the neighborhood he grew up in. He was a target for the police department  and the odds were already against him especially being a African American.Waterloo police department already had him viewed as an criminal even though he had no previous charges besides what they falsely convicted him of now. This young man does not need to spend his life behind bars for a crime he did not commit and due to the lack of evidence you will see why I am starting this petition on the behalf of 17 year old Doncorrion Spates innocence and calling for his case to be looked at in a higher court and his freedom to be granted. Please help his family and friends with signing and sharing this petition.  Let's put it out there that it's not right to be convicted of a crime because of your family history, race and where you grew up. Him and his family has been harassed by the Waterloo Police department on many different occasions. Please feel free to take the time to read the articles involving this case and you will see why we shouldn't stand quiet. You can visit for information regarding Doncorrion Spates trial. Thank you.

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