Bassel Hall - An 18yr. Old sentenced to Life Without the Possibility of Parole

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My husband, Bassel S. Hall has been incarcerated since April of 1996. This year he has served 23 years. He was just about to turn 19 then. He is 41 now. He is an inmate at the Guam Department of Corrections. Bassel and I have been married for 10 years. He is sentenced to Life without Parole + 75 years for his charges. While incarcerated he has kept his name clean, not one infraction. He has obtained his G.E.D, has completed many courses offered by the department and was even his unit representative. He has held several positions with the Inmate Advisory Committee, to include being the chairperson. Several years ago, under a different director, Bassel worked with him on a Bill that concerns prison industries. He has done a lot. Learned a lot and most of all, grew a lot. His character is unquestionable. You will just have to sit and have a conversation with him to know, he isn’t a bad person at all. This is my plea to the Governor of Guam, Lou Leon Guerrero, on behalf of my husband to beg for mercy on his life. I am humbly asking for your signatures on this petition. 


Brandy Hall

SEP 14, 2018 — 

*I typed this out word for word the way he wrote It on paper.*

Hi my name is Bassel S. Hall and this is my testimony to society.

Twenty two years ago, I made the stupidest and biggest mistake in my life. I had involvement with someone losing their son, someone losing their brother. I was called cold hearted, I was told I was evil, the truth however, was that I was stupid. I was just eighteen years old and charged with the worse crime’s, two counts of Aggravated Murder in the 1st degree and one count of Robbery in the 1st degree, with special allegation in use of a weapon to commit a felony. I was sentence to Life without parole plus 75 years. “He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper, Proverbs 28.” Eighteen years old then, I was still attending High school, still living under my parents roof who I hardly had conversations with, the talks we did have was more of lectures or scoldings. Had a job as a security guard and getting high school credits for it under something called CBE / AHRD program. I still to this day don’t even know the definition to those abbreviations. Twenty two years later at the age of 41, I still think of how I caused so much pain and suffering to a man’s family and my own family. I remember I was behind in grade level compared to other kids my age. I remember I wanted to follow my fathers foot steps and work in Law Enforcement, thinking the security guard company was a stepping stone to that plan. I remember I was at times a street kid trying to be cool enough for others to like me since I was considered an “outsider”. Well I didn’t finish high school at all, and I ended up on the opposite side of the law, I lost my job and I became something opposite of cool. I became a convicted murderer. No child nor young man ever dreams or plans to grow up to be a convicted murderer. Murderers are created from overwhelming uncontrollable emotions or lack of or they aren’t properly comprehending their choices, they are not born. And if someone did become a convicted murderer, what is truly expected of them after? To die as well? To sit in a 6x12 cell for the rest of their lives? That alone has been considered a slow death penalty by some people. Are they expected to reform and rehabilitate and reflect on their mistakes till they become a better person? If the latter is so, then I ask when do people know he/she became a better person? When do people know that person will never make such a mistake ever again?

Over two decades later... I spent more time in prison than I did my first 18 years of life. I spent it reflecting, I spent it knowing I deserve punishment, I spent it without being there for my baby sister, I spent it unable to provide for a family of my own. I spent it hating myself, I spent it with so much regrets, I spent it humbly and remorsefully. I also spent it growing very close to my parents with plenty of conversations before losing them to cancer and heart failure. I also spent it gaining a G.E.D, and learning the importance of a higher education. I completed numerous psychological forensic programs, and improving relationships ones, I spent it learning some computer repair and working in the Law Library, I spent it as a member of the Inmate Advisory Committee with positions from Unit representative to Secretary and even Chairperson! I spent it by also staying out of trouble and I do mean “incident free”. Incident free as in never served a sort of punishment for violating the facilities rules or regulations. I even got married to a wonderful woman with great kids! I became a father and a husband at the same time for 9 years and still going! Did I have enough time to reflect on my mistakes and did I really become remorseful and a better person? Well I didn’t want to be the type of convict who only say’s the words “sorry” a hundred times.

Instead I wanted to show it. I’m not great in math but there’s 365 days in a year, 365 days times 22 years is 8,030 days. I have been “incident free” for 8,030 days plus, I didn’t do it hiding in some segregated unit isolating myself from the rest of the population, or under some protection. I didn’t spend it in some half way house, I spent it in the Max Unit and the General population. I’ve “shown” my sorry’s over 8 thousand times.

My wife explained to me how I have over 400 signatures from the public in support of me getting a second chance. I humbly thank all of your support and I promise if I am given that chance, you can continue with blind confidence that your support was not meaningless. I have my fathers Masonic brothers to help guide me, I have my fathers co workers who would make sure I walk the proper path, I have employment that awaits me upon release, and most of all I have my wife and kids that will show me the love I don’t ever want to lose.

However I do want to ask that you all please don’t just think about me and my family. There is a family out there that I hurt very greatly. I explained how I spent my 22 years. But that family spent their 22 years in mourning. I am the reason they lost a good young man in their lives. I am the reason they have an empty void that just cant be replaced. I committed the greatest of sin against them. I can only hope that they can at least see that I am not a cold hearted person. And that I was only an ignorant and stupid 18 year old that made all the wrong choices in his youth. Two of the reasons why I did my absolute best to stay out of trouble was, one my mother made me make a promise to her. Secondly was because I took a good man from a family and from society. I know I cant replace that man. But I felt I was in debt to that family to grow to be the best man that I can become. Since I caused the loss of that good man, then by God I better try to amount to the good man. May God bless the souls for that family and may he stick with them always for they need him most. God also stuck with me, I may not have always stuck with him but he always stuck with me, and this is the proof.. Proverbs 3-12 “For whom the Lord loves He corrects”, from my statement above, from reviewing my progress while imprisoned, it is clearly evident that I have been corrected. And with that I am truly sorry for the struggle, the pain, the void I have caused to that family, always have been and forever will be. If my words were not convincing of my actions, then let my actions be convincing.