Grandparents SHOULD have the right to see Grandchildren

Grandparents SHOULD have the right to see Grandchildren

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N A started this petition to Governor of Florida/President Trump

There are many Grandparents who help raise and support their Grandchildren. I believe making a law allowing Grandparents the right to have visitation with their Grandchildren in the State of Florida with the exception of Grandparents who:

A) Does not have a safe place for the child or children

B) Any Granparent who has been convicted of any kind of crime including child abuse, child neglect  pedifiles, murders, kidnapping, trafficking, anyone in prison, anyone who has been convicted of drug dealing, mob action, drug abuser or any other felony crimes that pertains to or putting a child in danger would help lower the crime rate and would also help a lot of Grandparents with mental stability. Taking the rights of seeing your grandchild away is mean, cruel, heartbreaking and devastating. Taking the rights away of seeing your grandchild or children causes major problems such as for :

A) Mental Breakdowns

B) Causing some grandparents to turn to crimes, drugs, domestic deputes, kidnapping of children and many more major problems.

C) In some situations, taking the rights away causes hurting the Grandchild by: Not allowing the Grandparent to help with financial needs.

B) Hurts the child mentally

C) Hurts the child with depression, anger, behavior, bullying and physical harm to the child itself or someonelse.

D) In some cases it would help take a child out of bad situations.

E) It would take away the right of the Grandparent to help with a child's essential needs such as food, clothing, school supplies and many more.

F) It would hurt the child with emergency situations such as medical needs, getting the child to school on time, getting the child to do things that they will not do for a parent, teaching the child morals and respect.

E) It would stop a child from knowing family history and traditions and in a lot of cases, teaching a child right from wrong, when a parent lets the child do anything or act anyway they want.

F) It stops the grandparents in seeing or going to any school, church, sport activity, taking a child on vacation or special places that a child and grandchild go together.

G) It breaks any kind of bond that a child and grandparents have causing a child from not knowing their grandparents or anything about them and mentually confuses the chil and being scared because they dont understand why they are not anymore by their Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, Pops and etc.

There are so many ways that taking the grandparents rights away harm the child more than grandparents.

I believe that any law stopping a child or children from seeing or visiting with their grandparents should not only be abandoned but completely removed from all states in the USA. 

I believe that there has to be some kind of schedule or agreement between the parents and grandparents where it will be safe  surroundings and conveint for both sides.

I believe it should be a law that if any parent refusing a grandparent or grandparents their visitation rights, should be punished in some matter that their particular states makes as a law. 

Any grandparent or grandparents that is convicted of hurting a child, abducting any child, putting any child in a unsafe place or is convicted of anything pertaining to a child, should automatically get jail or prison time with a high or no bail with hefty fines.

My two gransons ages 5 and 2 both a very close bond with me. My 5yr old grandson was spending every weekend and during the whole vacations from school with his Nana and Papa. I have been there every step of the way even before they were born. My daughter lived me on and off everytime she split up with her boyfriend, which has been about 6 times now. My 5yr old grandson lived with me to the age of four until his mom took him out of the house to be with her so called boyfriend. Both boys were born out of wedlock. Their mom and dad can barely keep food in the house and we have been there to buy them food or give them food. Before the two yr old was born, their dad had walked out on their mom leaving her with nothing, no money, no vehicle, she couldnt pay her rent or any other bills or buy food, clothes or diapers. Nana and Papa took over and everything. The daughter moved back into Nana and Papas once again. They bought everything she needed for the 5yr old and what she was going to need for the two yr old because dad wouldnt do it, he wanted a blood test done first. Nana and Papa on two or three incidences have taken the 5yr old to the ER room and to the doctors because mom and dad let him have a cold for over a month. Needless to say he had 2 ear infection and throat infection both times. Mom and dad (us) have bailed them out so many times with different things such as cash, gas money, food, diapers, medicine, birthday party objects, even got mom a new car, which the boyfriend totalled out with not having any license and lied about it, furniture for them and beds for the boys, helping the boyfriend get their cars up and running and even bought tires, brakes and parts for the cars. We have done so much for these boys and bonded with them very strong. Nana even cutt both their baby cords when they were born because Daddy wouldnt do it. Nana and Papa took mommy to doctor, wic and etc appointments when she carried both boys. Now Mom and Dad are mad at Nana so the first thing they do is jerk the kids away from Nana and fills their heads with lies. Nana has bipolar and because of this action has went into a very low depression state causing her health to start to fail. The five year old was told that Nana loves him only but not his little brother or the baby to be, which is confusing, devastating and making my grandson very hurt. Both the boys come running as hard as the can when they see Nana. The 5yr old gives Nana hugs and kisses and tells her everything that is going on at school and home. The two yr old jumps in Nanas lap and wont get down, even rides on Nanas electric chair with her around the house and outside. This is what happens to many children when they are jerked away from their grandparents. It hurts their little hearts, confuses their little minds, puts them in a state of mental confusion and makes them cry over and over wanting to see their Nana and Papa. This is why grandparents should have rights in the State of Florida, both grandparents and parents reside there. These two little boys are my life and not being able to see them is literally killing me as well with my health, my heart and worrying about the boys. I cant sleep, cannot eat, blood pressure has sky rocked, I'm severely depressed, and puts me into a mental state of being mad, frustrating, hurt, broken hearted, health problems. I can imagine what it is doing to my grandsons. The people involved are Nana, Papa, Mom, Dad, 2yr old, 5yr old boy, classmates, school teachers (the 5yr old has adhd and is acting out in school),  Nana doctors, The boys' doctors, the neighbors seeing the child acting out with other kids at home, Nanas neighbors because she cries to them, the counselors for Nana and the 5yr olds, other family members seeing changes in both children and grandparents and dont understand with anger on both sides. Even the family dogs because they know something is wrong. 

The State of Florida, The Governors, The House represenatives and the Judges can change this situation by making it a law that grandparents have visitation rights to grandchildren with the exceptions that are stated above. If the grandparents loose then there are things that can drastically happen in their lives and the grandchildrens life which is also stated above. The violence would go down (grandparents and parents being in deputes all the time, in fights all the times, no jail time for anyone, cops not being called to the same addresses, hospitals would not be so busy treating depression, heart attacks, nerve problems, stitching people up from fights, not as many lives taken as in suicides, high blood pressure, kids hurting themselves from the emotional effects takes on them, kidnapping of grandchildren, killings, finding kids dead and so many more problems would be solved. 

Why do I care? Lets see, I dont have:

Worry about the boys and their well being, their mental stability, their little broken hearts, my depression kicking in, my mental stability, my health in general, the kids not acting out in school or home, no hatred between parents and grandparents, no violence because of the situation, no broken homes which it causes many many times, and showing young parents that they dont know everything or everything that is best for the children, and that they have to learn to respect elders and parents like they use to. That is just some of the reasons why I care. Please sign this petition to help get this law passed in the State of Florida and/or all states.Thank you














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