Petition Closed
Petitioning California State House and 2 others

Governor of California: Require all law enforcement to wear cameras and record all activities while on active duty.

I started this petition because I am tired of hearing the endless reports of police shootings. Warranted, there will be bad people creating bad situations that require the use of lethal force. But, this trend is becoming more prevalent in the news. It is important that we understand why that is the case.

Are our law enformcent officers becoming more violent and treating human life with less respect? Are people becoming more dangerous? There are so many philosophical debates these two questions can raise. I propose a simple solution to quickly and efficiently resolve both questions: video footage.

It is hard to argue facts when video footage is involved. In the day and age of 1080p video cameras costing $299, why hasn't this solid form of proof been utilized by law enforcement to exonerate and expedite police misconduct cases? There can only be one reason I can forsee, police misconduct did in fact occur.

Ever since 9/11, law enforcement has been granted many rights to record law-abiding citizens in their private activities. When citizens are criminals, they are prosecuted with these recordings. Some have viewed this to be a breach of privacy. This petition isn't about that. If law enforcement has the right to record citizens during their private moments, is it overreach to demand the recording of their public activities paid for by our tax dollars?  In many jurisdictions, it is illegal to record police activity in public. If law enforcement is committing criminal acts, it is their word against ours. And almost always, the citizens lose. With mandatory video recordings, we finally will have a voice.

I sincerely hope that the people in charge of protecting us will agree to such a simple request. If you're not doing anything wrong, there should be no reason to object.

Letter to
California State House
California State Senate
California Governor
We ask that you require all law enforcement officials to wear either helmet or chest mounted cameras and record all activities while on active duty. The footage gathered will allow expediting of lawsuits alleging police misconduct and save the people of California millions of dollars annually. It will also prevent actual police misconduct leading to the abuse, harrassment and senseless killing of law-abiding citizens.

No one said protecting and serving was easy. If the state can legally record citizen's private activities, the citizens have a right to demand the recordings of the state's public activities. Trust is a two way street. Please help us build a strong trust in our peace officers again.