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Petitioning Governor of California Honorable Governor, Edmund G. Brown, Jr. and 3 others

Governor of California and California Department of Corrections: Grant an early compassionate release for my brother-in-law

My brother in law, Darren Collins, AL0896 is a low level offender incarcerated at Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, CA and has recently been diagnosed with acute kidney failure and stage III multiple myeloma blood/bone cancer. His kidneys are currently functioning at a 7% capacity. His cancer doctor has told him that without treatment he has only 3-4 months to live and with treatment, "maybe years." His family wants him to come home now and not possibly die in a prison cell. We are asking you to help us bring him home.

Letter to
Governor of California Honorable Governor, Edmund G. Brown, Jr.
Secretary, California Department of Corrections Dr.Jeffrey Beard
Warden, Correctional Training Facility Marion Spearman
and 1 other
Chief Ombudsman, California Department of Corrections Sara Malone
Dear Honorable Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Secretary, California Department of Corrections, Dr. Jeffrey Beard, Warden, Marion Spearman and Chief Ombudsman, Sara Malone,

My brother in law, Darren Collins, CDC# AL0896 is low level offender currently incarcerated at California Training Facility in Soledad, CA. Over a month ago, he was diagnosed with acute kidney failure and Multiple Myeloma cancer. This type of cancer affects the blood/bones and has three stages. Darren's body is infested with this cancer and is in the third and final stage of the disease. Additionally, his kidneys are currently functioning at 7% of normal capacity. The cancer doctor has told him that without treatment he has only three to four months to live and with treatment "maybe years." The kidney doctor told him that he would probably undergo dialysis and would need to be put on a renal diet. He was given an chemo injection weeks ago but it caused Darren to have severe side effects. His doctor was concerned that he even experienced any side effects as the chemo medicine and low dosage given should not have resulted in side effects at all. The last I was informed, the cancer doctor was going to look into alternatives and up until now, he has not been treated for the kidney problems nor has he been seen by a kidney doctor in over a month. Moreover, he has a strong, constant ammonia taste in his mouth and has not been put on a renal diet.

We are very concerned about the health and welfare of Darren and the subsequent, inferior care that he is receiving while incarcerated. We are extremely afraid that Darren may die in prison without ever seeing his family again. Over the past years, the California Department of Corrections has had many problems with the lack of or substandard health care for inmates while incarcerated in California prisons. We are fearful that this is the case with Darren and that he is not receiving the proper treatment for his condition(s) and is an unwilling participant of an unsympathetic system.

Being told that you will die in three to four months if not properly treated or “maybe years” if treated, is scary enough by itself but not being able to be with your family because of governmental red tape is not only cruel and shameful, but inhumane. Because Darren only has five months left of his sentence and is dying, his family is requesting and pleading that he be granted an early compassionate release from prison as soon as possible so that he can live out his days on earth with his family and not in a prison cell.

We pray that you hear us, respect our wishes and allow Darren to come home.

Thank you and God Bless.

The Collins Family

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