Completely exonerate the West Memphis 3

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Damien Echols,Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelley need to be cleared of these charges. The  deal they had to agree to ,was obviously done so the prosecutor and the police would not have to admit they were wrong. That deal meant they had to plead guilty for their freedom. As Jason Baldwin said," When we told the prosecutors we were innocent,they put us in prison for life.Now when we plead guilty,they set us free!" Not only do these men need to be cleared so justice can be served for them.They need to be cleared because as long as these men are considered guilty.That means the case of the three young boys who were brutally murdered is officially closed.That means the real killer or killer's are still out there and can never be prosecuted. Anyone who has followed this case and knows the story ,knows that this has been an injustice for all involved.There were six victims of this crime and six victimized families .Also, we do not know if the real perpetrator or perpetrators of this crime have committed more crimes because they were allowed to run free.Or if they will commit more in the future. Which in either case would be an even bigger travesty of justice.


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