#NoMore Corporate Welfare

#NoMore Corporate Welfare

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Sharon Bodine started this petition to Governor Newsom and

Corporate welfare the term thereof was coined by Ralph Nader in 1956.

Every year turned to decades corporate welfare has cost our nation trillions of dollars. It has spawned criminogenic environments and socioeconomic distress that pressurizes the very civilians and veterans of which elected representatives with conflict of interest stocks are supposed to be supporting and protecting prior to stock profits. 

Corporate welfare is the reason why slave wages exist. People commit crimes in order to survive exists. The extreme wage Gap between those who operate multi-million and billion dollar entities WITHOUT financial accountability and the individuals who are the very cogs of the machines operating being neglected due to corporate welfare. 

Armed officers of the law do not have living wages because of corporate welfare.

Civilians and veterans are neglected financially due to corporate welfare.

The financial backup plan to each nation is abused due to corporate welfare.

I am respectfully requesting that corporate welfare cease to exist by way of executive order enforcement each entity no matter who they are no matter who they know in government authoritative positions must register with the corporation commission and update their EIN numbers so the secretaries of states know exactly who and what is operating in each state giving our Secretaries the ability to balance our financial books of the Treasury department. 

An example of corporate welfare are the countless thousands of multi-million and billion dollar entities both public and private foreign and domestic as well as municipal corporations such as the department of motor vehicles and the parking violations bureau not being up to date on the corporation commission website with their EIN number so our secretary of state in California Shirley Weber knows exactly what's going on financially in order to balance the books. 

The Department of Motor Vehicles and Parking Violations Bureau are multi-billion dollar machines municipal corporations that are not registered with accountability for where our government's finances are at. We will successfully utilize that money in order to upgrade socioeconomics to provide living wages and the removal of criminogenic environments in California. 


Cancer treatment facilities

Dental offices

Kidney dialysis centers

Dangerous Behavioral Health centers that drug unconsenting children and adults against their will for stock profits

Insurance companies

Lobbyist firms

Brokerage firms

And the list goes on of countless entities that one can cross-reference from Wikipedia, wiki Corp, the websites of these entities, The corporation commission and of course opensecrets.org where all of the conflict of interest stocks of corporate welfare can be found

According to Nelson Mandela criminals are not born. Criminals are created. 

And indeed when corporate welfare, conflict of interest stocks, hypocrisy democracy as well as unbridled capitalism reigns then yes there is undoubtedly premeditated mens rea of turning innocent civilians into criminals for stock profits and for corporate welfare that needs to cease to exist in order for a normal sane sovereign safe sanctified morally sound and ethically ran socioeconomic platform that is conducive for every single class Creed gender sex culture and ethnic background involved.

Please sign and share this petition in order for us to provide a conducive community and family environment for all involved. 

Together we will all unify under a common ground in order to remove what ruins are human family members by way of treason tyranny terrorism and crimes against humanity.

Denzel Washington states that an individual cannot take their wealth with them when they die. When your bloodline is financially taken care of for 500 to 1,000 years monetarily, it is time to operate with ethics and get rid of the very foundation of what causes criminogenic environments, crimes being committed against our human family members. 

A true pragmatist seeks to solve repair rebuild and recreate a new nation that is conducive for everyone involved and void of destroying people's lives. Our elected representatives and corporate executives have more than enough money and for the most part the majority are of age groups that need be spending time with their grandkids or taking a knitting or a woodworking course. I see the ethics and The virtue in my elders and there is more love light life and Liberty than there is density on this planet. May our elected representatives in corporate executives characters ring true to virtue as they all as the village that they are step up to the plate to remove corporate welfare and criminogenic environments from our country.

USC has taken the first step to lead by example by way of registering with the corporation commission here in California and I am so very proud of them. Regardless of my relationship in an unsavory manner being with USC, my heart is so happy to see that they have taken the steps forward to lead by example and register their entity with the corporation commission. May we see everyone follow suit�

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