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Repeal the Secure ID

Georgia's cooperation with the federal mandates of the Real ID Act violates our Constitutional rights. The following bullet points are only a few of our rights that are being violated:
Real ID Act:
• Requires new id to fly on an airplane, leave the country, enter federal buildings, enter nuclear power plants and “any other purposes that the secretary shall determined.”(Secretary – secretary of homeland security – Janet Napolitano. Homeland security was established March, 2003 as a result of 9/11 and reorganized FEMA into what it is today.
• The Act states that Director of Homeland Secuirty has no limits on the potential required uses of the Id
• States can issue noncompliant licenses, but they must have a unique design and state they can not be used for federal purposes
• Whereabouts of an individual can be tracked when their id is scanned/used
• Requires biometric face scanning photographs to be used
• Violation of privacy – 1 st amendmant
• Violation of religion, forced facial imaging capture – 1st amendment
• Violation of ninth amendmant – individual freedoms/liberities
• Violation of tenth amendmant – rights of the states. Issuance of drivers licnese is a state affair, not federal. This is establishing a federal id, which look to establish a north american union as they are talking about sharing data bases with canada and Mexico
• People who refuse to get one will not be able to enter a federal building, which will include the office of your congressman, which denies the right of assembly and petition of government – violation of 1st amendment

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  • Governor Nathan Deal, The State of Georgia

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