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Please help adoptees to get much needed updates to their medical history. Help save a life

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I was adopted very early in life. In my late teens I began to have problems both emotionally and socially. I would be on cloud nine and stay awake for days. After the high, my mood would plummet. I went through this for about ten years. It was a wonder I lived through it...the ups were great but the depression was deadly. After my third suicide attempt in '97 I was diagnosed as being bi-polar. This was devastating to me and upset me terribly. I began to research the disease. I learned that it was possible that I inherited the disease from a family member. They put me on anti-depressants. Within 10 yrs. I was also diagnosed as having a personality disorder, OCD, high cholesterol, and an ulcer. I hate to fill out paperwork for a new doctor, because in family history all I can write is "adopted". One of my sons has diabetes which is also inherited. As I age and my 3 sons age, I realize that things such as stroke, heart attack, heart disease, etc. may also be in our future. If my medical information was updated say...every 10 yrs. or after a major illness, there would be much more added to it. As my birth mother & birth father's families grow I'm sure there would be more information. I feel that it is every adoptees right to be updated on hereditary illnesses and diseases of their birth parents. Such information would be beneficial to all adoptees and their children.  And could very well save lives. It would also give doctors a place to start when diagnosing illnesses at an earlier age.


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