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Law enforcement on Noise Pollution in Kilimani and Kileleshwa Residential areas

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Kileleshwa and Kilimani Residents in Nairobi City County are raising concern as their Human Rights are been violated  under our constitution, Chapter 4, Bill of rights, Article 29, by social and commercial activities which are contributing to noise pollution in residential areas and the law does not permit. As per the National Environment (Noise standard and control) Regulation, 2003, the maximum permissible noise levels, Part 1, Schedule C, Mixed residential (with commercial and entertainment) should be 45 decibels at night, this is not being complied with by the clubs and bars.  The establishments operates Monday - Sunday until 3AM. All licensing and legal conditions are clearly breaching laws of the Republic of Kenya. Environment noise pollution consists of all unwanted sounds in our community that is a threat to business, health and well-being. Our children cannot sleep. We the undersigned would like to petition Nairobi City County Water, Energy, Forestry, Environment and Natural Resources Sector and NEMA to take action against these noise polluters by regulating and enforcing strict opening and closing times for these bars and nightclubs and also enforcing a limit on the volume of music they are allowed to play and all clubs to install sound proof. Please help us bring some sanity and peace to our environment. 


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