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Urgent Appeal to have our gates restored on Suswa Road, 3rd Avenue Parklands, Nairobi

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This petition is an urgent appeal to the Governor of Nairobi - Hon. Mike Sonko and the MCA of Highridge/ Parklands Ward - Hon. Jayendra Malde to restore the gates on Suswa Road, 3rd Avenue Parklands once again. 

For 3 years, Suswa Road has been a virtually crime free road due to gates that were erected on both sides of the road with the permission and approval of the Nairobi City Council. 

Prior to the road having any gates, there were numerous occurrences of armed robberies, murders, carjackings and other sorts of criminal activities that had plagued the road.  

However, once the gates were erected in November 2014, the incidents of crime on the road dropped dramatically and the residents of the road have been enjoying the peace of mind of knowing that their properties and families are protected. 

We have been assisting the Government and the police by taking care of our own Security. Security is a priority and so is reducing the rate of crime in our city. For the last three years, the rate of crime on our road - which was at one stage considered to be one of the most notorious roads for crime in Parklands - has gone down to virtually zero incidences. 

However, in December 2017, Engineer Muthama of the Nairobi City Council ordered the gates to be destroyed by Bulldozers upon the complaint of 6 residents from Plot 9 - Phenom Court Nairobi. It is highly irregular that Engineer Muthama would act on a complaint of 6 residents and ignore the wishes of all the other residents living on Suswa Road.

The Suswa Road Residents' Association is a registered association and should have been invited for a meeting with Nairobi City Council officials before such draconian measures were taken to compromise our security.

The fact that is most disturbing is that Phenom Court was the plot targetted with the highest number of incidences of crime. By having the gates erected, they are the ones who have benefitted the most. 

By signing this petition, we - the residents of Suswa Road - appeal to the Governor of Nairobi and to the MCA of Highridge ward that we would like our gates erected again immediately at the cost of the people who vandalized our gates and who have acted in this highly irregular manner and that serious action be taken against them. We also appeal to the authorities to investigate thoroughly why those 6 individuals are so dead against security measures being implemented on our road when they were the plot targetted the most.

Their is some sinister agenda at work here to have the security removed which can only serve one objective - putting the lives of peaceful and law abiding Kenyans at risk! 

The tearing down of our gates is a serious violation of the Government's "Nyumba Kumi" initiative and we stand up against this violation with one voice!!

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